Mikheil Janelidze

Mikheil Janelidze

Founding Partner & Chairman

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Mr. Janelidze served in the Government of Georgia progressing from a Foreign Trade Department Director to a Vice Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in nine years.

Through his leadership and work he made decisive contributions to achieving a number of strategic milestones in Georgia‘s development as a regional hub for doing business. The few examples are concluding Free Trade Area agreements with the EU, EFTA and China, and enhancing Georgia’s strategic relations with the regional and global powers.

During his tenure as the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development he led the trade and investment negotiations as well as the institutional changes across several sectors of the Georgian economy.

Deep understanding of needs of partners, clarity of vision on objectives at hand, and an eye for finding innovative solutions are the qualities that will continue to underpin the work of EGE Advisors under his leadership.