Future of Eastern Partnership

10 years’ anniversary is approaching since the start of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Program by the EU. As a result, both the EU and the partner countries benefited from the partnership despite the different results, speeds and ambitions in the integration process. Results serve the shared commitment to stability, security and prosperity of the European Union, the partner countries and indeed the entire European continent. The multilateral framework has fostered links among partner countries. EaP dialogue formats on different levels helped to sharing experience and exploring avenues for deeper cooperation.

Despite all these positive developments, the EaP is losing its political attractiveness in the EU, EU MSs and partner countries. There is a need to define clear steps forward for the EaP to ensure continuous democratic development and proliferation of the European values in the region. It can be achieved through maximum broad and inclusive discussions in the EU and EaP states about Post 2020 EaP policy and strategy of the EU.

EGE aims to elaborate actionable recommendations for the EU on the future of Eastern Partnership Program – Post 2020 EaP Policy